November 7, 2010

Little Man Tea Party - The Details

I've already shown you the Invitations and the Bow-ties from the party. Let me show you a few more of the details.

I was inspired by Cheri's Little Man Tea Party. I loved her bow-ties, little mustache cakes, and mustache details.  But I also saw this Little Man Birthday on Create My Event. I loved the tie cookies and the mustaches on a stick. Adorable!

So after finding my inspiration, I began gathering the goods. Of course, like a good mother, I was still finishing things up as guests arrived. But it turned out fun and the kids all looked cute. I think the best part was how completely different it was for the little boys who got to dress up, wear bow-ties, and have fun.

The Food

Mustache Sandwiches, Chips and Vegetables and Dip. My awesome husband made the sandwiches using our newly acquired Mustache Lips Cookie Cutter.

Mustache Sandwiches

The Fun

The kids mostly just played with toys around the house, but they got to put on their new bow ties and apply the mustaches. We used these Finger Stache Temporay Tatoos and applied them directly above the lips as mustaches. They were so cute!

The Faux Stache

We decorated necktie cookies. I used these Necktie Cookie Cutters to make basic sugar cookies. We frosted them before letting the kids decorate. (Way less messy!)

Tie Cookies

We also had planned to play "Stick the Mustache on the Man" using this self adhesive Mustache Costume Set. Of course, with everything else going on we didn't play it until after all the guests were gone. The fake hair on them had my son laughing about them for a while. My husband found this picture to use for the game -it was perfect!

The Cake

I decided to make a large cake instead of the pettifors. It was his first birthday after all! I found a site with exactly the cake I wanted. Kristy Drake of Paisley Jade has some directions. Of course, mine did not look half as good as hers. 

I cut my circle and then paisley shapes out a the 9x13" pan. I didn't have a round pan.

Prepping the Mustache Cake

Then I placed it on my cake plate. It didn't fit properly so I ended up turning it on an angle. I frosted the middle and added a second layer. I came back a few minutes later to see it all collapsed and one top side broken. I fixed it the best I could and frosted it the best I could. I need to take a class on cake making/decorating.

Prepping the Mustache Cake

Here's the final look. I confess I edited the photo so it didn't look quite so bad.

Mustache Cake

The Goodies

For the kids to take home I made Chocolate Mustaches using this Mustache Lolly Candy Mold. They were so adorable and unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them. Next time. We also had little candies and some Crazy Loop Straws from the dollar store.


Steph said...

What a great idea! I love the little man tea party :)

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

I love all of your party ideas, and I featured your party here:

Thanks for sharing!

PaisleyJade said...

I think you did a fab job!! Well done - and yay for photo editing tools ;)