October 8, 2010

Version 4.0 The Extra Large Diaper Bag

Do you remember this bag? Or perhaps this one? Well, I would like to introduce you to Version 4.0! I've made two bags from the latest version (one for myself and the one pictured) and I have to confess it's my favorite version yet! This is a pattern I altered from, but it's very different from the original.

The Maggie Bag

This is the Extra Large Diaper Bag. Of course, those who have any version of this bag call it "The Maggie Bag". Which I find sweet and slightly hilarious at the same time. (The hilarity stems from childhood name calling experiences.)

When I had my second son it seemed that Version 3.0 was never quite BIG enough. Especially in the winter time when you have the several layers of clothes to stash in the bag. So I designed a larger version. I have to confess, there are days I think it's actually too big.

So what is different about this version?

1. It's taller. This gives the pockets just a little extra depth that I love. Check out the outer pockets! That black bottle is one of my favorite water bottles ever!

The Maggie Bag

The Maggie Bag

Of course, my favorite part about the outer pockets is that the seams are hidden, making the pockets hidden so when they aren't stuffed it doesn't distract from the design.

The Maggie Bag

2. It's wider. Can we say more room?!

The Maggie Bag

3. It has a wide bottom. This is my favorite part. I feel like it stabilizes the bag. It means the deep pockets can be full and there's still plenty of room in the bag!

The Maggie Bag

After making and using a few bags of my own, one of the things that drove me bonkers were the handles rolling and wrinkling. It made me feel like I needed to iron my bag after each use. Not something a Mom needs to do. I soon learned that the key is to quilt the handle. I use Fusible Fleece instead of quilt batting. It's just a personal preference.

The Maggie Bag

This one I made for a dear friend. She claims to have not used it yet as she's waiting until the baby comes. Seeing as the baby is due in December, I felt like a nice grey corduroy would give it a winter feel and keep it a little more chic. Of course, pink for the baby girl!

The Maggie Bag

I'm entering this bag in the Purse Week contest on A Lemon Squeezy Home. What a great competition! You should check out that Flickr Group to see all the other awesome bags. Thanks Christie!


Jocelyn said...

That is it. I am going to have another baby just in hopes that I will get one of these :)

You are incredible, woman!

Colleen said...

Beautiful - as all of them are!

Brit said...

I mean I knew it was a great gift when I received it and I do love it... but you reminded me of all the great details. I am sure once I really start to use it, I will appreciate the details and the design even more.