October 28, 2010

Button Necklaces

I am alive.

Just in case you were wondering.

We've been sick at my house.

I also finally accomplished what I now believe to be one of woman's greatest feats. I weaned my son. Thankfully, I was not on my own in this process. My amazing husband rescued me often!

With my first son I had an emergency surgery when he was just 8 months. He was weaned by my Mother and my Husband. I was ready to be done, and by the time I was ready to nurse again, he was completely happy with the bottle.

This time around I gained new insight on the whole weaning process. My son fought being weaned so hard. I'm not sure my clothing will ever look the same, I had bruises in unusual places, and life here became survival of the fittest for a while.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed nursing my son. I knew he would be healthier for it, I felt a great connection with him because of it. But it was time to be done. And last week, after complete weaning, the battle grounds settled, and we both were at peace. It was a wonderful thing!

So I've been cleaning the house, working on my Christmas list, and attempting to craft again.

Here's a simple craft that I've done:

I found this idea on Nap Time Journal. Becca shares what she did here.

It took me a while to find bails, but I really liked this style:

Necklace Bails 

I found the same buttons Becca used at Joanns! I was happy, because that was exactly what I wanted to make. 

Buttons from Joanns

I glued the buttons together using E-6000. Then I glued the bails on to the back button. I love how cute these turned out!

Button Pendants

Button Pendants

* Next time I do this I'm going to let it dry between each layer. Gluing the third button on before the second was dry shifted them and was frustrating.


nap time journal said...

Thanks for the link Maggie! They turned out great :) It's fun to do something that others enjoy so much!!