October 8, 2010

Back to Harrison

Last week was a very busy week. We had meetings, appointments, classes, and a birthday party! Our little baby turned 1! I can't believe how quickly time flies. After all that we drove up to Canada for the weekend and left our kids with my parents while we got away and headed back to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa!

In August my husband and I had a simple night out in celebration of our wedding anniversary, knowing that that we would be spending a night at the resort later in the year. So really, this was our anniversary get-away! We've been looking forward to going back since our last trip out there!

(This is the indoor hot tub at the resort! There's also a heated pool!)
We got a wonderful package with dinner and breakfast included. It was so funny to walk into the Copper Room thinking we were so old. I mean, we've been married 5 years, we have two kids, an awesome job, and we own our home. Plus, I was feeling old because our little baby rarely slept through the night. But then, as we walked to our table, I noted the bald heads, the white and grey hair, and started, slowly, to feel young again. REALLY YOUNG! There's something to be said for going to a resort mid-week and no-where near a holiday!

Our second day we spoiled ourselves with some good spa treatment. Seriously - just saying "Mineral Hot Springs Bath" says it all. But yes, it's really mineral water fed from a hot spring!

Anyhow, after our wonderful get-away we attempted to enjoy General Conference with screaming, clingy children. Seriously, my Mom says they were fabulous, but the minute we got back they turned into clingy monsters! Oh well, it was worth it.