October 28, 2010

I am alive.

Just in case you were wondering.

We've been sick at my house.

I also finally accomplished what I now believe to be one of woman's greatest feats. I weaned my son. Thankfully, I was not on my own in this process. My amazing husband rescued me often!

With my first son I had an emergency surgery when he was just 8 months. He was weaned by my Mother and my Husband. I was ready to be done, and by the time I was ready to nurse again, he was completely happy with the bottle.

This time around I gained new insight on the whole weaning process. My son fought being weaned so hard. I'm not sure my clothing will ever look the same, I had bruises in unusual places, and life here became survival of the fittest for a while.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed nursing my son. I knew he would be healthier for it, I felt a great connection with him because of it. But it was time to be done. And last week, after complete weaning, the battle grounds settled, and we both were at peace. It was a wonderful thing!

So I've been cleaning the house, working on my Christmas list, and attempting to craft again.

Here's a simple craft that I've done:

I found this idea on Nap Time Journal. Becca shares what she did here.

It took me a while to find bails, but I really liked this style:

Necklace Bails 

I found the same buttons Becca used at Joanns! I was happy, because that was exactly what I wanted to make. 

Buttons from Joanns

I glued the buttons together using E-6000. Then I glued the bails on to the back button. I love how cute these turned out!

Button Pendants

Button Pendants

* Next time I do this I'm going to let it dry between each layer. Gluing the third button on before the second was dry shifted them and was frustrating.

October 13, 2010

I am so excited to share the details about my son's birthday party with you! It turned out so cute and was really fun for me to plan. There were a lot of fun details to the party so I'm going to break this up into a few posts.

I first saw the idea for a Little Man Tea Party on So You Think You're Crafty. It was an entry from Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. (Big fan of her blog!) You can find the full details for her party here. I knew the minute I saw the idea it was exactly what I wanted to do for the birthday party I had coming up. I know first birthdays don't need to be big, but I confess the party was more for my 3 year old than my baby!

The first part I planned was the invitation. I was going to just put "Little Man Party" but I knew that a few girls would be invited, so for their sake I stuck with the original name of "Little Man Tea Party".

This is the card I designed - a completely original design with all my own paper and elements even! I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I wanted it to be simple, but fun. I think it turned out perfect!

8Little Man Party Invitation

Does the background paper look familiar? It's the same paper I used as a background for my blog! If anyone is interested in using this invitation for their Little Man Tea Party, feel free to contact me. I'd be willing to prepare the invitations for a good price!

Linking this up to the CSI Project Typography Challenge:

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October 11, 2010

I have to admit I am not the most patriotic of Canadians. I did, in fact, marry an American and took up residency here. But that does not mean I don't remember my roots, hence the lingering moral debate (of my own) about becoming a U.S. Citizen.

There are a few holidays, like Canada Day, that I feel the need to celebrate. Some of them are more difficult than others to enjoy as a family. (For some reason my husband's employer does not seem to think that the Canadian statutory holidays should be recognized. I still don't get why the most important day of Easter, Easter Monday, is not recognized here. But that's another story.) We still have fun doing those things that we can.

(My very own photo from this post here.)

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. A day with pretty much the same roots as it's U.S. counterpart. I think that the fact it is celebrated on Columbus Day pretty much explains why it's not the same time as the American version. However, the great white north does bring in the harvest much sooner than most States! For five years now we have enjoyed Thanksgiving twice each year. It's one Canadian Holiday my husband was more than willing eager to subject himself to!

Anyhow, last night we had the pleasure of inviting many friends over for a wonderful Turkey dinner. Complete with dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, salad, rolls, pies, and more! It was a delicious and delightful evening and I'm glad to have shared it with our friends. I love that we don't have to compete with any other invitations to other homes on our first Thanksgiving.

October 8, 2010

Do you remember this bag? Or perhaps this one? Well, I would like to introduce you to Version 4.0! I've made two bags from the latest version (one for myself and the one pictured) and I have to confess it's my favorite version yet! This is a pattern I altered from, but it's very different from the original.

The Maggie Bag

This is the Extra Large Diaper Bag. Of course, those who have any version of this bag call it "The Maggie Bag". Which I find sweet and slightly hilarious at the same time. (The hilarity stems from childhood name calling experiences.)

When I had my second son it seemed that Version 3.0 was never quite BIG enough. Especially in the winter time when you have the several layers of clothes to stash in the bag. So I designed a larger version. I have to confess, there are days I think it's actually too big.

So what is different about this version?

1. It's taller. This gives the pockets just a little extra depth that I love. Check out the outer pockets! That black bottle is one of my favorite water bottles ever!

The Maggie Bag

The Maggie Bag

Of course, my favorite part about the outer pockets is that the seams are hidden, making the pockets hidden so when they aren't stuffed it doesn't distract from the design.

The Maggie Bag

2. It's wider. Can we say more room?!

The Maggie Bag

3. It has a wide bottom. This is my favorite part. I feel like it stabilizes the bag. It means the deep pockets can be full and there's still plenty of room in the bag!

The Maggie Bag

After making and using a few bags of my own, one of the things that drove me bonkers were the handles rolling and wrinkling. It made me feel like I needed to iron my bag after each use. Not something a Mom needs to do. I soon learned that the key is to quilt the handle. I use Fusible Fleece instead of quilt batting. It's just a personal preference.

The Maggie Bag

This one I made for a dear friend. She claims to have not used it yet as she's waiting until the baby comes. Seeing as the baby is due in December, I felt like a nice grey corduroy would give it a winter feel and keep it a little more chic. Of course, pink for the baby girl!

The Maggie Bag

I'm entering this bag in the Purse Week contest on A Lemon Squeezy Home. What a great competition! You should check out that Flickr Group to see all the other awesome bags. Thanks Christie!

Last week was a very busy week. We had meetings, appointments, classes, and a birthday party! Our little baby turned 1! I can't believe how quickly time flies. After all that we drove up to Canada for the weekend and left our kids with my parents while we got away and headed back to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa!

In August my husband and I had a simple night out in celebration of our wedding anniversary, knowing that that we would be spending a night at the resort later in the year. So really, this was our anniversary get-away! We've been looking forward to going back since our last trip out there!

(This is the indoor hot tub at the resort! There's also a heated pool!)
We got a wonderful package with dinner and breakfast included. It was so funny to walk into the Copper Room thinking we were so old. I mean, we've been married 5 years, we have two kids, an awesome job, and we own our home. Plus, I was feeling old because our little baby rarely slept through the night. But then, as we walked to our table, I noted the bald heads, the white and grey hair, and started, slowly, to feel young again. REALLY YOUNG! There's something to be said for going to a resort mid-week and no-where near a holiday!

Our second day we spoiled ourselves with some good spa treatment. Seriously - just saying "Mineral Hot Springs Bath" says it all. But yes, it's really mineral water fed from a hot spring!

Anyhow, after our wonderful get-away we attempted to enjoy General Conference with screaming, clingy children. Seriously, my Mom says they were fabulous, but the minute we got back they turned into clingy monsters! Oh well, it was worth it.

October 7, 2010

I have a problem. I am a little too confident in my do-it-yourself ability. It's not that I have some massive ego and think I'm completely capable of doing anything. It's just that sometimes I get carried away with trying to do something myself. It's for various different reasons: inability to say no, a favor, a broken item I can't part with, I just want to try it, or often, impatience.

For example: Last night I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how desperately I needed to get my bangs trimmed. The train of thought that followed was dangerous. "Hey, I'm Maggie, I can do so much stuff, why not cut a few wisps of hair on my own. Besides, I don't have time to go to the hairdresser this week. Yeah, I want it now." Oh dear. I wish someone could hear things like that going on inside my head and just stop me. Right then and there. So now here I am with bangs that are shorter than I would have liked, disappointed, and wondering why I couldn't wait to go get the free bang trim that my hair salon provides. Impatience. That and my crafty eyes are bigger than my stomach and so willing to bite off more than they can chew.

So this week I was contacted by someone about my son's Herbie Shirt. She wanted to know the image I used and shared that she and her family were Herbie fans. In fact, after a look at their blog I found out that her husband repaired a VW Bug and made his very own Herbie! In that moment, I knew what I want to do together as a family when our boys are a little bit bigger. Call me crazy, call me insane. But I truly think it would be awesome to tare apart a car and rebuild it! I've always loved VW Bugs too. How can you not love Herbie? Now here's another confession: this is not the first time the thought has crossed my mind. I used to want a Mini Cooper, long before they were made popular by The Italian Job! I wanted an old one, and I wanted to repair it. Of course, my Dad's interest in Classic Cars gave me a love for them as well. There's something so stunning about a beautifully restored vintage car. Then there were the fleeting moments when I desperately wanted a Honda Rebel as well. Isn't it awesome? (Not to be confused with the Canon Rebel). Now for some flat out honesty. I never had a poster of a movie star up in my bedroom, but I did have a poster up of an Audi. (I think the Audi TT.) I know, eh? Anyhow, I dreamt for a few minutes and then snapped back to reality. here would I find the time, let alone the space to restore a car?!

Anyhow, now you know a weakness of mine. Somehow I manage to get in over my head way more often than I should. All because I am over confident of my abilities. Then again, when it's someone asking me to help out, it's often their own fault that I believe I can do it, because they lull me into a false sense of security with their compliments and confidence. And that is not saying you should NEVER ask for a favor, just know that I'll do the best I can.