September 1, 2010

A Lesson on Judging

A few weeks ago I had a funny lesson on being too quick to judge. I was driving with my kids to visit a friend. We were slowed down significantly by traffic from a recent train so I had some time to watch a woman at a bus stop. She was stooped over and digging in her bag for something. Suddenly, she rose and shouted something. Then quickly she stooped again, pointing off at something across the road and mumbling. Then she stood. She raised her arms and wobbled a little. Then pointed again and said something else. As I watched I immediately assumed she was under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. She was acting like a loud, mad woman.

Then, slowly, I passed her. That's when I saw, hiding behind her bag and legs, a little girl. She was small for her age, but intent on listening to her Mom and looking off in the direction her Mom had been pointing. The minute I saw the young girl, I quickly thought, "Oh! She's a Mom!" Then I realized that I probably look the same way to people when I'm describing something for my son, or trying to entertain him long enough to prolong a public melt-down. So to all those people who have assumed I've been inebriated beyond judgement, or high on something other than life - I'm a Mom. Just get used to me acting strangely in public. My parents taught me well.