September 16, 2010

Family Photos - The Outfits

I was incredibly busy last week. We had our family portraits taken on Thursday night among a bunch of church meetings, lessons, and errands. I spent so much time getting our wardrobes ready! Does anyone else get stressed over that? I think portraits are the ONLY occasion where I actually HAVE to have the whole family coordinated! The boys get coordinated every so often, but all of us? Nope!

Let me tell you how I chose the outfits.

1. I chose the boys clothes first. They are always the easiest and there are several stores that sell matching or coordinating kids clothes. This time I had already purchased their outfits at Christmas time last year from Crazy8. It was an awesome sale so I spent very little on their clothes: Jeans, White Polo shirts, a Blue/Brown striped sweater for one, and a Blue Puff Vest for the older. Their shoes I just purchased recently out of need. I knew family photos were coming and the boys outfits so I made sure to get brown shoes for both.

2. Next I chose my husband's clothes. I tried to find something with similar colors to the boys. Not an exact match, but something that ties them all together. 2 days before the photos I remembered suddenly that he only had one pair of light jeans. Carpenter style. He didn't like the other 2 or 3 pairs he had because they weren't very comfy so we'd given them to my nephew. I panicked and then went straight to Old Navy. Thank-you Old Navy Outlet for having a 40% off the entire store sale right when I needed it! I got him 2 pairs of jeans instead of the 1 I planned. With his Jeans he wore a blue & white vertically striped button up shirt that I found there. His shoes were some light brown ones he had already.

3. Then it was my turn. Jeans were easy. But the top? I figured if I wore blue it would be over-kill. At this poing I placed all the clothes I had so far on the kitchen table too see how it looked. Last time I took a photo, but this time I didn't need to. Hrm. I figured brown would be too oppressive, red would be an eye-sore. I decided on Green. I brought two different style jacket/shirts home. But my husband made a grimace with the first one, and the second wasn't my style. I looked everywhere for a white top, thinking that would work. I finally found a super cute one. It was a kind of white, dressy tee at Nordstrom. Yes, I know, it's expensive there. But I wasn't expecting $77 for a T-Shirt! That's more than I spent on everyone else! So I looked again. I finally found a Teal Cardigan that was much more reasonably priced. Then I wore some brown shoes that I already had too. I'd only worn them once before so they weren't broken in. After 1/2 hour I had blisters on my heels. After 1 hour the blisters popped. I'm still healing. I need to find little socks for those shoes.

Well, it's over. They are done and they look fabulous! We had them done by Kali Leenstra Photography. Head on over to see our photos. She took our photos a little over 2 years ago and we were so pleased then. She has continued to amaze me with her stunning photography, which only seems to get better with time.


andrewandpaigeirwin said...

do we get to see them?

Steph said...

Aw, I'm sure getting everyone to coordinate was a challenge. But they turned out great! Very cute sweater :)