September 5, 2010

Camp T-Shirts

Every year my parents hold a camp for all of their grandchildren. Each year the kids get T-shirts. This year after I learned about the Heat Transfer product for the Silhouette, I knew I wanted to make the shirts from that product.

The camp theme was "Hero" so I looked all over the internet for some ideas for the T-Shirts. I found this logo online:

Then I made my own copy of it in Adobe Illustrator and cut the Red and Yellow Heat Transfer pieces on my Silhouette directly from Adobe Illustrator.

We purchased the shirts on sale at Joanns. We chose Royal Blue. Of course, there weren't sizes for the littlest children so I used some old shirts to make patterns for their sizes and used some larger shirts to make the little ones. They turned out so cute.

To iron I placed the yellow first, ironed it, allowed it to cool and then placed the red on top. It looked so good and was actually pretty easy to do. The hardest part was getting everything cut and weeded. It's a little more difficult to weed than vinyl.

Hero Camp Boys T-Shirt

Just so the girls got something special we used Red Glitter heat transfer on their shirts instead of the regular red. That one is WAY more difficult to weed because it is really difficult to see the cut lines. BUT the results were worth the extra effort! The glitter looked fabulous and the kids all enjoyed their T-shirts! The yellow circle picked up some of the red from the glitter heat transfer so the yellow on the words seemed different. To make it closer I took some of the peeled off backing from the red glitter and ironed over the words with it. That really helped match it up well.

Hero Camp Girls T-Shirt

For the littlest (under 2) Cousins we changed the saying from "Hero Camp" to "Hero in Training". It was a simple and easy change and the parents loved it.

Hero Camp Baby T-Shirt