August 10, 2010

Photoshop Actions

I've been busy working on several things. I'm editing photos from some recent photo shoots, I finished a new diaper bag, and I'm assisting in planning a shower.

Today I wanted to show you some fun I've been having in Photoshop. I bought some actions a while back from Totally Rad Actions. I really like their color variations and had to try them out. The other day I was playing around with the image below and was amazed by the difference an action can make on a photo. Next time I will remember names of the actions I use (aka Recipe).


Rings in Bouquet

More Vibrant

Rings in Bouquet

Vintage Look

Rings in Bouquet

Black and White

Rings in Bouquet

This last one is my absolute favorite. I think it's stunning in Black and White. I love that it took only one click of a button to do all that work for me too. Actions are awesome!


Steph said...

How fun! I love the vintage one. Did you use any cross processes? Jon has a few favorites that he was able to save and preload for quick edits. Some of the effects they make on the pictures end up looking like a 60's magazine. I love it :)

Jocelyn said...

So Pretty!