August 20, 2010

"One or more of your photos have been selected."

Eep! A few weeks ago I received a comment on this photo in my Flickr Pool:

Vancouver LDS Temple

It read: 

"Great photo!
We invite you to join others who are sharing their talents to build a photo library for the Church and Church members to use.
You can share it in the group Official LDS Church Call for Photos
If you decide to participate and share this photo in the group, you will receive Flickrmail instructions on submitting the original photo directly to the Church."
I was surprised. Me? The church wants to use my photo? Wow! I'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination so I honestly was in shock for a few minutes. Don't worry, it hasn't got to my head or anything. It was just really nice.
So last week I joined the group and linked up the photo. Then this week I received a Flickrmail saying that my photo had been selected and explaining to me how to send it. I'm so excited for the chance to help my church increase their photo library!