August 20, 2010

Made to Match Baby Quilt (My First Quilt)

Over 3 years ago as I planned the nursery for my first little guy I really wanted to make him a blanket. I found the Zanzibar Crib Bedding at a store and wished I had the money to buy it. Well, we actually could afford it, but being frugal was more important at the time. So I looked into making my own. Of course, I wanted the cute appliqu├ęd or embroidered look of the packaged quilts, but without doing all that work.

(This is not my nursery, it's a stock photo to show you the bedding set I wanted. I'll be posting about my whole nursery soon and then we'll talk about why I think this room above is awful.)

I went home and dreamed about the baby, the bedding, and his cute nursery. Finally I went back to the store and bought the valance from the set for $20. I had a brilliant idea. I then went to the fabric store and spent about $30 on fabric and went home. That night I carefully picked apart the valance. Then I measured and designed a quilt on paper. Over that week I cut and pieced together the top of a soft, cute quilt. It was perfect!

My First Quilt

But then I stopped. I didn't have the slightest clue how to quilt. The top came together easily, but how did I do the rest? This was my first quilt ever. Then life got busy, I had my son, and caved and bought the bedding set.

Finally, last month I finished the quilt. My son is almost 3 1/2 years old! I've had the opportunity to learn more about quilting, and gained a little experience. When I pulled out the top I was a little surprised at how well things lined up for my first quilt ever. My second quilt did not go as well.

My First Quilt

Anyhow, I had planned to use the extra pieces from the valance to make a bumper and then use co-ordinating fabric for a crib skirt. Although I quit under pressure, I think this could have worked well. I actually like the home-made quilt better. It's a little bit lighter weight and wraps around my baby better.

My First Quilt

For those of you who feel overwhelmed by applique and embroidery this is definitely the way to go!