August 14, 2010

The Hedgehog Fabric

This week I had a baby shower to get ready for. Of course with so much to do in preparation for the shower, I didn't finish the actual gift. So I quickly whipped up a Pink Hedgehog. Of course, I didn't have a Pink Car Wash Mitt for making Girl Hedgehogs, so I was lucky to find a Chenille Shag Pillow at Burlington Coat Factory. My husband was very sad to see me rip that soft, plush pillow apart. It was a very comfy pillow. I've since searched online and found a replacement for them in a color that will fit in more in our house. I'm pretty sure I'll get Sage:

I'm going to work on new covers for the existing pillows on our couch soon using some fabric from Joel Dewberry's Ginseng line:

Isn't his fabric gorgeous? I am looking forward to seeing it on my couch!

Back to the Chenille Shag Fabric. You'll be surprised where you can find it. Just the other day at my friends house I saw it on her bath mat. The shag (aka fingers) are a little longer than on the mitt, but it's still super cute! The only problem would be matching fabric for the head.


Steph said...

Ooh I love that stuff! And the new green and blue fabric for your couch is adorable!