July 8, 2010

Why I Still Love Craigslist

When we first bought our house I used to spend a lot of time searching on Craigslist for furnishings for our home. I remember finally finding the table and chairs for our dining room and being thrilled! I still love how perfect they are for our home. This Pier 1 table and 6 chairs cost us $200! Had we bought it new that same day, it would have cost us over $1,000! I know! AWESOME!

Dining Room Table

Since then a lot of things have changed. Craigslist has had negative media coverage on more than one occasion, and I'll confess every time I think of selling something I hesitate now. But I still use Craigslist. I still love the ridiculously awesome deals I can find. I do however, resent the people that try to sell something used for more than I can find it in a retail store. Of course, I'd also expect that one wouldn't just trust that Craigslist is the best deal and actually do their research.

Since our son moved up to a twin sized bed I've just used our old quilts. I still wanted to keep his room transportation themed. I was waiting to decide what I wanted before I bought something. This week as I was searching on Craigslist for something else I discovered the perfect comforter, hidden in a listing for a rug. I checked the store's website and discovered that it was still available, which meant I could get the sham or sheets if I wanted! The price was right, and this picture sold me:

Traffic light? Already have one! Railroad sign? Check. Licence plate? Got one of those up too! And there's even a train set on the floor. It's like it was made for his room. And yet, they are two very different looking rooms. I don't think I could ever come close to Pottery Barn. Nor am I sure that I want to.

Railroad Sign

Can I say I was more than surprised to discover it was still available? A Pottery Barn Quilt for $25?! It's listed on their site for $159 plus taxes and shipping of course! 

This morning, after a wash, I put it on his bed. Finally, the perfect quilt for his room! My son wanted loved it. He had to point out the engine, the car with an automobile on it, and the caboose. Which he then told me that his friend we visited recently didn't have a caboose on her track! Too cute.

New Pottery Barn Comforter

New Pottery Barn Comforter

Thanks Craigslist for making deals like this possible! Now I need to do something about those curtains.