July 9, 2010

Wedding Details

I already mentioned that we attended a wedding last month. The one I made the invitations for. I have to show you some of the beautiful details from the wedding. It took place on the gorgeous grounds of the Bride's Grandparents house. What a fabulous place!

I had the pleasure of working on the flowers with their florist. I prepped a ton of flowers for him and worked hard to get the Bouquets and other floral arrangements ready. It was a busy day. Towards the end I kind of crashed. The kids were tired, my baby very much needed attention from his mother, and I had no energy left to make decisions, work on flowers, or be in pictures. I did make it into a few of them though. I was running around like a wild woman trying to get last minute things done. Finally, just after people started arriving, I sat down and enjoyed the view, a little bit of conversation.

We left pretty early that night, but not before taking a few pictures. I've finally downloaded them all and edited some.

The Bride and Groom with my man!

Bride & Groom

The bridal Bouquet:

Bride's Bouquet

Aside from the flower prep I actually did most of the work for the Bridesmaid's Bouquet's. The stems on these bouquets were wrapped in an ivory ribbon. I love the colors so much. The Green Chrysanthemum's are the perfect pop of green. I love how this really plays of their invitations!

The Bridesmaid's Bouquet (There were 8 Bridesmaids):

Bridesmaid Bouquet

The Cake:

Bride's and Groom's Cake

Grooms Side:

Cake Table Frog Prince

I adore the little Frog Prince detail that was mixed in with all the decor. He's so cute. As an improv, those cake plates are actually pedestal bowls with silver trays placed on top! It looked fabulous.

Top of Bride's Cake:

Floral Cake Top

The Drink Stations (Water with Citrus Fruits & Mint):

Water Table
(That's one of the Bridesmaids - isn't the outfit adorable?)

Water Table

I used my Silhouette to do Print and Cut labels for the food tables. We stuck them on the corner of the table in front of the flowers. It was really simple, but it allowed the guests to know exactly what was on their plates.

Food Labels:

Menu Buttons

I had to get this shot for the Bride and Groom. I think a picture of the rings in the Bride's Bouquet is so sentimental. I wished I'd had one. Anyhow, I borrowed their rings for a minute just to make sure they got this picture:

Rings in Bouquet

I really didn't take a lot of photos, but made sure to get some of the flowers, because that's what I worked on! It was a beautiful reception and we truly wish the new Bride and Groom a lifetime of Happiness.