June 29, 2010

Wedding Designs

What a busy week I've had. We just returned after a wonderful trip to visit family. We've been to a wedding and a farewell and seen so many people we haven't seen in some time. It was so much fun and so busy. Let me indulge you with a few fun things from the wedding.

The bride's Mom called me about 2 months ago with questions about the invitations. She knew I designed cards and wanted to know what a good deal was for invitations. Honestly, I really wasn't sure. The Bride and Groom had found a kit at Michaels that they liked, but they couldn't get enough for the 400 invitations needed. So they found a second, similar style at Target for the rest. All together the 400 invitations would cost $200! That sounded good to me. But I didn't mind looking up what other options were available.

So I designed a few variations of a card so they could see what options they had, looked up printing costs and emailed them. The specific printer I found requires bulk purchases, so we could order 200 or 500 but not in-between. It was cheapest to just go ahead and order 500 instead of 2 sets of 200. Total cost? $85! Not bad, eh? Thank you OvernightPrints.com.

So this was the final design. Don't worry, all the information has been changed to protect the innocent. The print quality was fantastic. I've used this company before and I've been so pleased with them!

Sample Version copy

After designing their invitations I decided to make their wedding gift as well. I took 5 minutes to whip this up in photoshop and had it printed on 12"x12" canvas for them, gallery wrapped so that the names would wrap around the edge and not stand out so much. That way it was gorgeous artwork for their new home, and a subtle reminder of their union. The cost? $45 from Snapfish.com

I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the final product. It turned out so fabulous. I was so in love I almost kept it for myself. I'm definitely going to try out something else from them.

Sample Wedding Artwork copy

Of course, their 100's of invitees brought gifts, and so I included with the gift, the only other reasonable thing. Thank-you cards! These I ordered from OvernightPrints.com as well. They also turned out fabulous.

Thank You Cards for Wedding

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