June 8, 2010

My New Cloche

I've been wanting a Cloche for a long time now. So when I saw this one on House of Hepworths I decided to make myself one.

It only took one trip to Value Village to find a cute Cheese Dome for $1.99.

Cheese Dome Cloche

I bought something I planned to use as a base, but when I was getting ready I saw these candle stands that I already had and they looked like they would work even better. So I tried one of them instead.

Cheese Dome Cloche

I glued them together with Gorilla Glue. It took two tries because the first I didn't do enough glue. (It's expanding glue and I'd read about how it surprised everyone so I was over careful.)

Cheese Dome Cloche

Cheese Dome Cloche

Cheese Dome Cloche

After the glue was dry it took a few coats of spray paint, then a little sanding on the cheese plate and some varnish and it looked antiqued a little.

Cheese Dome Cloche

I love how it turned out! I love how fresh it looks with the bright green apples but I look forward to changing it up as desired. I also painted and antiqued the extra candle stand so that it matches, I'm going to pop the green candle on it once it's dry.


Southerner said...

Wow! That looks amazing in the white.

Jocelyn said...

Holy Cow! That looks so so good. I only have two questions for you: 1. Are you a secret agent for Pottery Barn? and 2. Can I take you home with me?

Your sweet skills are much needed :)

Wypipo...Sigh... said...