June 7, 2010

Home Preschool: Ocean Unit

I'm back on the Preschool wagon this month. I think Potty Training was about all I could handle over the last month. We've been a few days without a single accident and three nights dry. (Of course, we still put him in pull-ups at night, but it's finally going well.) I know this is not the end, but I'm so happy to be moving forward.

This month we're going to learn about OCEANS! I think it's the perfect time and seeing as we live close to the beach it will be fun to go on adventures there. Instead of breaking it up and posting once a week, I'm going to do one post for the entire 4 weeks. I think it will help me to plan in advance and keep all information in one place for you.

Last time I had 5 activities a week. This time I'm going to plan about 20 activities, but I'm going to break them up differently. I'll print off the list, then daily I'll choose one and cross it off when we're done!

Letters: O, F and S
Letter O, Letter F, Letter S and the O Song on Starfall.com
Letter S worksheet, Letter O worksheet, Letter F worksheet from First-School.ws
Letter Practice on J4NE the Pink Robot

Books and Videos:
Starfish (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science)Starfish
Hello OceanHello Ocean
Incredible Ocean!: Eye-Opening Photos of Life Underwater Incredible Ocean
Sea Tunes for Kids: Beautiful Live Ocean Fish!Sea Tunes for Kids
Finding Nemo (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) Finding Nemo

Sticky, Sticky Starfish (To Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Five Little Fish in the Sea (Video Here)
Octopus (aka. Slippery Fish Video Here, by Charlotte Diamond, You can buy the MP3 Here for $0.99!)

Fish Coloring Page
Finger Paint Sea Creatures and Hand Octopus
Sandpaper Sea Creatures

Dive Under the Ocean
Sea Shell Sort and Match

Waves in a Bottle
Magnified Shells and Sand

Field Trips:
Trip to a Beach (take pictures of our discoveries)
Trip to the Aquarium

Beach in a Cup

For those of my friends following along, let me know and I'll make sure to invite you over for the art, games or science activities.

Feel free to comment with any more ideas for this theme! I'd love for this to become a way for everyone to share. Also feel free to post pictures of artwork, activities or snacks in the Maggie Muggins Designs in Action Flickr Group. Please if you do add photos, link up to your blog post if you blogged about it. 


Jessica Brown said...

What a cool thing. I'm in let me know when your next art project is. We miss you guys! :)