June 16, 2010

Father's Day

This year for Father's Day my husband got a gift card to his Mecca, Fry's. (The intention is he gets to go there without a child in tow.) He also got a game that has been on his wishlist for years now. I've never played it but he loves it: Settlers of Catan.

Wait - did I say Got?

Yes, some uncanny turn of events had me thinking that last Sunday was Father's Day. It wasn't until AFTER sacrament meeting on Sunday that someone finally clued me in. The sweet, adorable old lady that my husband home teaches came up and asked "Seeing as next Sunday is Father's Day, do you mind coming to home teach me today?" AAAHHHHH! NO! My mind was screaming, reeling. WHAT HAD I DONE!? Gifts had been given, cards signed and opened, breakfast cooked and the Tri-tip dinner thawing. Thankfully, it was only the wrong day. At least it was still a special one for him.

So for those of you who are still preparing for Father's Day might I suggest some things:

1. For the soon-to-be or first-time Father of a Boy: I'll Wait Right Here. The first time my husband read this to our son (that I heard) I got teary-eyed bawled like a baby.

I'll Wait Right Here: The Power of a Promise Kept

2. For the new or soon-to-be Father: Safe Baby Handling Tips. My friend introduced me to this funny little book. It's a board book with pictures of the "Do's and Don'ts" of parenting! It's really good for a laugh. And of course, I judged it by the cover! It has to be good when it starts out with a "Wheel of Responsibility" right on the front!

Safe Baby Handling Tips

3. For the Dad that is awesome with kids: Super Hero Supplies. This is a super cute DIY kit with all his favorite treats from your very own Super Hero Supply Company. Follow the link for the downloads and directions.

4. For the geek Father: Binary Dad T-Shirt. Well, really pretty much anything from ThinkGeek.com would work for my husband, but this was a special request from him. He also wanted the Binary Kid T-Shirt and the Binary Mom T-Shirt to go with it.  I've got to say I have my limits to geek-dom though. (Which means I haven't left the house in my shirt!)

*This (or something more appropriate to your man) would be really easy to duplicate with Silhouette Heat Transfer.

OK, there are multitudes of ideas out there. I just wanted to share these with you for fun.