June 4, 2010

The Busy Life

Where am I? Why haven't I posted for over a week? In addition to my regular daily life here's what's gone on in my house recently:
  • Potty Training (Link to a cute book.)
  • Poop Training (These really are seriously two separate things in my books.)
  • Visit from Grandma and Grandpa!!!
  • Allergy Season (In which my eldest throws up every so often and has a harder time behaving.)
  • Baby Crawling and Pulling Himself Up
  • Teething
  • The first Scissor Fiasco
Can I just say that Potty Training and Nursing do not go hand-in-hand? Almost every accident occurs while I am nursing and I do make him go before I sit down - but without fail, that's when he has to go again - and that's when he forgets the potty.

I have several new things just about ready to show you and a lot of projects for this weekend. Hopefully I will actually get something done.

Right now I'm busy cutting some vinyl lettering. My nephew who love Bakugan is getting this new vinyl for his wall and I'm going to cut it in Heat Transfer for a shirt for him:

(Sorry about the Watermark, I have my work to protect though.)
Bakugan Vinyl Lettering


Nitsan said...

Now you have to tell us about the scissor fiasco. :)

Alida@IMakeStuff said...

That is really cool! My kid would go nuts over a wall vinyl like that!