May 10, 2010

I'm Back!

I had a few posts planned over the last few weeks planned, but unfortunately life got in the way. I got sick again, got rear-ended while driving to the Dr's office (I'll tell that story soon) and we went to visit my husbands family for a week! That was a long drive. If that's not all I also designed wedding invitations for a family member and I'm helping out a little with the wedding - planned for next month!

I will be working on a tutorial for everyone this week. I have some new things I've made to show you. I have a yummy recipe to share, a new version of my diaper bag in the works, and some fun ideas for Preschool planned.

But first, I have to download a million pictures from my camera, feed my toddler, find the things he just hid from me, and hopefully get him to go on the potty again. I will post again very soon.