April 22, 2010

We Have a Winner!

I planned to post the winner this morning so I'm sorry to those who have been anticipating the results. We were visiting the fire station this morning. My son was fascinated by the tour and the awesome fire trucks. There were several "Wow!" moments!

I enjoyed reading all your comments about who does the Laundry in your house. If you said you do "most of the laundry", I counted that as you do it all. So while there was another amazing husband who does the laundry like mine, the over-all consensus is that Women still do all the laundry!

Shared: 33%
Wife does it all: 45%
Husband does it all: 22%

{Completely Clueless (which I happen to know that was a joke and I counted as shared): 11%}

Favorite lines:
"I am the laundry slave."
"Maybe Santa does it?"
"Laundry is a necessary evil."

Oh yeah, there's vinyl to give away! Did you want to know who won? Oh, alright. Here's what Random Integer Generator from Random.com picked this morning for me:

Congratulations Amanda You Won!

Amanda said...
I do ALL the laundry around here...every Monday is laundry day. I'm good at putting it in the washer and dryer its the folding it part that I hate, although it always gets done. Maybe its because I did laundry practically everyday for my massage business....

Just because I happen to be in a very good mood this afternoon, I'm going to give away two of these!

So who did Random Integer Choose this time?

Congratulations Nea and Rusty you get a copy of this too!

nea and rusty said...
fun, a give-a-way! mostly, i am the laundry slave. and it is never-ending with my house of boys! our current status: 4 loads waiting patiently to be folded (and they've been that way for over a week, so we're living out of them too). yikes!

Yeah! OK, I'll be getting these to you two right away!