April 6, 2010

Toddler T-Shirts

I was able to have a little fun this week amid all the chaos. I have been wanting to make some T-Shirts ever since I saw the 90-Minute Shirt on Made. (Click on the first link for the tutorial.) There are so many other things I want to make from her Celebrate the Boy Month - but this is my first. I decided I would make one with bunny peeps on it for Easter.

This week I also saw this Robot Rex Tutorial on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and I just had to make it. So I pulled out my bag of old clothes to see what I had. I started on an old yellow shirt my husband used for Halloween but won't wear again. I figured it would make a cute Easter shirt.

Old Shirt

IMG_2994 copy

Following the tutorial to make my own pattern was straight-forward. As I cut out the yellow shirt though, I realized it might be a little too girly with white peeps on it like I had planned. So I decided to do the Robot Rex on it instead.

Robot Shirt

I cut out the freezer paper and stenciled in green paint first. Then I used white iron-on flocking and cut it out for the arms and legs. Lastly I did silver for the eyes and stripes. I decided for my son it would be better than having the washers for eyes. I figured he would rip them off himself if they didn't get pulled off some other way.

Robot Shirt
Robot Shirt

The next shirt I used was an old blue one of mine. It never fit right. This one I decided to try the Silhouette Heat Transfer with. It was the white fuzzy. (Actually, it's what I used on the robot, but this time I actually cut it on my Silhouette.) I used a Herbie image from the Internet as it is my sons favorite toy still. The Heat Transfer cut well, was easy to weed out and turned out fabulous! I'm definitely doing it again.

Herbie Shirt

Herbie Shirt

I took the piece weeded out from around the 53 and put it on the sleeve. It was supposed to be the left sleeve and seeing as the neck ended up being too wide I'm going to take the sleeves off and fix it. But you get the idea from the photos.

Herbie Shirt

Herbie Shirt

My son is currently wearing the Herbie shirt. He loves it. I can't even take it off him to fix it. I tried and he ran away and hid. I guess I'll have to wait until his PJ's go on!

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Maureen said...

Very cute shirts!

Does the name Maggie Muggins date back to a child's book? I remember it from a book I read over 40 years ago! I remember a rhyme (roughly):

Tra la la luh la, luh la lee,
This is Maggie Muggins, me!
And I am going a lipperty layerty
To say 'hello' to Mr. McGarrity

If I recall correctly Mr. McGarrity was a kindly gardener. I am quite surprised that I remember this at all, given that I read it so very long ago!

Layla said...

I really love the design of your new blog! I kinda jealous :)

Steph said...

Oh my gosh those look so great! I totally love both of them :)

Darcy said...

Would you happen to have the site of the Herbie art? My hubby has a Herbie and I would love to make some things using the image...Thank you so much. Love your blog!!