April 1, 2010

The Flu

This week at my house the bug has been had by all. Except for the baby. Please not the baby! Our older son was hospitalized on Tuesday from it. Then Wednesday we were all on our backs. I still can't believe my husband made it out the door to go get medicine or anything. He is AMAZING.

Nursing my baby amid all of this was so hard. I feel so bad for the baby. But I'm so grateful I was still able to take care of him. It's days like yesterday that made me appreciate how truly angelic my baby is.

Also, I lost 8 pounds yesterday. (I'm on a diet now and working hard to lose baby weight.) Can I just say getting sick is not worth it. I'd rather do this the healthy way.

I'll be back soon with tons of fun and exciting things to share. Once my house is fully sanitized.


Steph said...

No fun with the flu! Hope you all get better soon!