April 27, 2010

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted a Preschool Unit for this month. We're taking a break in order to give my son a little more attention in an area that desperately needs attention. Potty Training! Let's just say it's still hit or miss when it comes to going in the potty (no pun intended). Some days he's very enthused about it, other days, well, those days we barely make it through.

How on Earth do people get there kids to do this in one day or weekend?! This boy just can not focus. We sing, celebrate, reward, are consistent and still nothing. The only thing I know is that if I keep working at it maybe one day he'll get it.

Now I need to go give him more juice and read him yet another potty book. That one I picked up from IKEA. It's really simple and cute.

April 26, 2010

Seriously, my husband is awesome! I know, I've already mentioned that before, but he truly is. He's such a great Dad, and he is so good at his job. He just got another raise and I'm so proud of him for that! I'm starting to get used to his awesomeness. For the most part. But there are still times he blows me out of the water. Last month when he crocheted this adorable blanket for his niece was one of those moments.

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Crocheted Baby Blanket

See what I mean?! As if that's not enough, this week he goes and does it again. Want to see the new toy he let me buy? OK, "let me" sounds a little bit like he might possibly be possessive of the money or something. No, we just never spend large wads of cash without each other's approval. More than helping us not to spend money, it helps us spend it wisely. There have been times that I've been telling him about what I want to get and realized as I'm telling him that it's not really what I want. Oh yeah, back to my new toy! (By the way, he got a new toy this week too. We have to be fair.)

This Baby Lock Ellure is my new sewing machine. It's upstairs right now waiting for me to come back to it. I've already made one project on it and started on the second. Something that will not be seen until I lose more weight. I made the wrong size. Wah!

Now for those of you who don't sew and have been considering buying a new machine. Don't just run out and buy this. I've been using your basic Brother machine for a few years now. It is a good little machine. It's just that I've done so much on it and it needed replacing. (It rocked as it chugged along and I had to re-thread the bobbin after every stitch!)

Well, enough writing about my husband. I'd rather go talk to him right now and tell him how awesome he is.

April 22, 2010

I planned to post the winner this morning so I'm sorry to those who have been anticipating the results. We were visiting the fire station this morning. My son was fascinated by the tour and the awesome fire trucks. There were several "Wow!" moments!

I enjoyed reading all your comments about who does the Laundry in your house. If you said you do "most of the laundry", I counted that as you do it all. So while there was another amazing husband who does the laundry like mine, the over-all consensus is that Women still do all the laundry!

Shared: 33%
Wife does it all: 45%
Husband does it all: 22%

{Completely Clueless (which I happen to know that was a joke and I counted as shared): 11%}

Favorite lines:
"I am the laundry slave."
"Maybe Santa does it?"
"Laundry is a necessary evil."

Oh yeah, there's vinyl to give away! Did you want to know who won? Oh, alright. Here's what Random Integer Generator from Random.com picked this morning for me:

Congratulations Amanda You Won!

Amanda said...
I do ALL the laundry around here...every Monday is laundry day. I'm good at putting it in the washer and dryer its the folding it part that I hate, although it always gets done. Maybe its because I did laundry practically everyday for my massage business....

Just because I happen to be in a very good mood this afternoon, I'm going to give away two of these!

So who did Random Integer Choose this time?

Congratulations Nea and Rusty you get a copy of this too!

nea and rusty said...
fun, a give-a-way! mostly, i am the laundry slave. and it is never-ending with my house of boys! our current status: 4 loads waiting patiently to be folded (and they've been that way for over a week, so we're living out of them too). yikes!

Yeah! OK, I'll be getting these to you two right away!

April 21, 2010

I have two little boys that I adore. The other day I was thinking about what it would be like to have a little girl and the thought overwhelmed me. No, not the thought of cute little dresses, bows, ribbons, and a nursery. What overwhelmed me was the idea of having an emotional, high energy, flirtatious little girl and then dealing with that as a teenager. Ack. No thank you. I'll take more boys any day.

So when my husband's brother had his second girl last month there weren't any pangs of jealousy. Instead I sent them the quilt that I made. The one I couldn't let go when they had their first daughter. (I made her this one instead.) Anyhow, seeing as I'm not counting on a girl, I figured it was time to let go.

Baby Quilt

This simple rag quilt is so easy to make, and yet I think it looks so beautiful. Instead of using flannel or denim it is made with Minkee on the back! I've had a lot of people gawk at the idea of Minkee on a rag quilt, claiming it doesn't fray so how could it look good. Don't knock it until you've seen it folks! These pictures show it after 1 wash. (Speaking of washes - have you entered the giveaway? It ends tonight!)

The hardest part of the quilt is cutting the edges. That took me forever. After I made this I learned that there are special spring action scissors for cutting rag quilts. They are in my cart right now! I'm not making another one of these quilts without them!

Baby Quilt

I saw this pattern at a local fabric store that recently closed. It was an in-house pattern that cost $2. I had never made a rag quilt before and didn't realize how ridiculously easy it would be to figure out on my own. This style is a little different because it has a solid border around it and a finished edge.

The pattern calls for 6 different cotton fabrics and 4 different Minkee fabrics. I used 5 cotton and Minkee  fabrics.

Baby Quilt

Lessons Learned on arranging the squares:
1. Never put the same color next to each other.
2. Place them all on a table and then take a picture. It really helps to look at it that way to see if you really like it. It also helps when you're sewing it together days later and you can't remember how you've arranged your little piles. Trust me.
3. I put a few cotton pieces on the Minkee side and a few Minkee pieces on the cotton side just to break things up. You don't have to do it that way though.

Baby Quilt

The 36 squares are 6" squares and the edge is 7" strips (2 are 31", 2 are 36.5"). You really need 72 squares total (36 Minkee, 36 Cotton). All of the seams are 1/2". Once all the squares are sewn you fold the border strips in half (right side out) and sew it to the edge of the quilt, smaller two first, then the larger two. Sew around the edge of the border to finish it off neatly. Then get to cutting!
Baby Quilt

Creations by Kara

Show and Tell Green

April 14, 2010

I finally finished these aprons for my friend. They were meant to be Christmas presents, but ended up making it in time for Easter. Oh well, at least they are finished.

* If you haven't entered the vinyl giveaway yet it's in my previous post here.

I chose the fabric because she has a red kitchen. The pattern was actually one that she purchased. McCalls MP328. (The number online doesn't match the number on the pattern for some reason.) I couldn't help but change the pattern up a little. Of course, I also made two co-ordinating aprons for her daughters.

I chose the full apron for my friend and the half for her daughters. Instead of doing the top in the coordinating fabric, I made it all the same with the pockets, ties and ruffle coordinating. The pockets I altered by cutting off the part that goes up. The patterns version seemed a little too much to me for this fabric choice. This was a pretty basic pattern to follow and it turned out really cute. Sorry I don't have pictures of her in it. Of course, I recommend picking up that pattern when it's on sale at JoAnns. (I usually wait for the 10 for $10 deal!)


Note the kid's aprons have a different co-ordinating fabric.




I love the flirty look and the color of these ones. This is a perfect gift for a friend that loves to cook!

Creations by Kara


April 8, 2010

Back at it again. The week we all had the flu we probably did the MOST laundry in one week ever done in our house. About 50 loads. My husband folded and I put away everything! It was amazing to sit there and enjoy my laundry free living room. That very same day, another load from the dryer was dumped onto our love-seat. I wanted to cry. It never ends. Lucky for me my husband does most of the laundry in our house.


I know that it's the same for many of you too. Laundry is a never-ending task. It gets boring fast. I currently have four or five loads sitting on my love-seat waiting to get folded. I will get to it. Someday. Oh well, at least I don't have to iron anything. I have a distinct memory from my mission of helping a woman iron all her clothes. She ironed everything - and I really mean it. Maybe it's because it was all air dried. I'll never know - I didn't speak Spanish well enough to ask her then.

OK, so back on track here. In honor of everyone who performs this monotonous task I've decided to have a little giveaway! It's a black vinyl piece that I cut on my Silhouette. The design is shown below. The Laundry symbols are Warm Wash, Iron, and Do Not Bleach. Size is approximately 7.5" long x 3.5" high.

Good Clean Fun

I realize that this and the other image above are complete misrepresentations of laundry. 5 cents is way too little to charge and fun is not how I would define it, but hey, the images are cute, aren't they?

How to Enter:

1. Post a comment below and tell me who does the laundry in your house. Feel free to vent if you're the only one. I have comment moderation on so your post will not show up until after I approve it.
2. Only enter if you live in the U.S. or Canada, I will not ship anywhere else.
3. Giveaway ends next Wednesday April 21st, 2010 at midnight PST.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced by Thursday, Arpil 22nd. Please leave a way for me to contact you in case you win. If I can't email you from your profile leave some other way for me to contact you or make sure to come back and see if you won.

April 6, 2010

I was able to have a little fun this week amid all the chaos. I have been wanting to make some T-Shirts ever since I saw the 90-Minute Shirt on Made. (Click on the first link for the tutorial.) There are so many other things I want to make from her Celebrate the Boy Month - but this is my first. I decided I would make one with bunny peeps on it for Easter.

This week I also saw this Robot Rex Tutorial on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and I just had to make it. So I pulled out my bag of old clothes to see what I had. I started on an old yellow shirt my husband used for Halloween but won't wear again. I figured it would make a cute Easter shirt.

Old Shirt

IMG_2994 copy

Following the tutorial to make my own pattern was straight-forward. As I cut out the yellow shirt though, I realized it might be a little too girly with white peeps on it like I had planned. So I decided to do the Robot Rex on it instead.

Robot Shirt

I cut out the freezer paper and stenciled in green paint first. Then I used white iron-on flocking and cut it out for the arms and legs. Lastly I did silver for the eyes and stripes. I decided for my son it would be better than having the washers for eyes. I figured he would rip them off himself if they didn't get pulled off some other way.

Robot Shirt
Robot Shirt

The next shirt I used was an old blue one of mine. It never fit right. This one I decided to try the Silhouette Heat Transfer with. It was the white fuzzy. (Actually, it's what I used on the robot, but this time I actually cut it on my Silhouette.) I used a Herbie image from the Internet as it is my sons favorite toy still. The Heat Transfer cut well, was easy to weed out and turned out fabulous! I'm definitely doing it again.

Herbie Shirt

Herbie Shirt

I took the piece weeded out from around the 53 and put it on the sleeve. It was supposed to be the left sleeve and seeing as the neck ended up being too wide I'm going to take the sleeves off and fix it. But you get the idea from the photos.

Herbie Shirt

Herbie Shirt

My son is currently wearing the Herbie shirt. He loves it. I can't even take it off him to fix it. I tried and he ran away and hid. I guess I'll have to wait until his PJ's go on!

I'm linking this up to these parties:


April 2, 2010

In February I was reading my blogs in Google Reader when I read this post on My Little Gems. Hrm, thought I. That sounds interesting. And then I moved on. But obviously, that's not how it ends or I wouldn't be posting about this. I must admit everything she wrote about had me interested, but this line is what captured my attention:

" ** I am also interested in someone who would like to trade advertising, to help me with a blog make-over....as in making this site look more appealing. :) "

I thought about it for a few days. Then I told my husband about it. Asked him what he thought about me working on her blog. I probably used "The Look". Not the stare-down look I use on my son, the look of "I'm about to get my way". If you don't know what I mean by that go watch The Blind Side. It's such a good movie.

I confess I wasn't as much interested in the trade of advertising as the opportunity to work one-on-one with someone on their blog. I had already begun working on my own blog so I had an idea of what I was taking on. So, a week after her post, I contacted Sharla to express my interest.


"My Little Gems" Before

I didn't get working on her blog until March 14th. I had to wait for direction from her to take off. But once I knew the general idea she wanted for her blog I got cracking. Over the course of the next week we worked through different designs to get to exactly what she liked. It was so exciting for me. I'm more than sure my husband got tired of hearing, "Come check this out!" only to come and see nothing different. At least, not different enough for him.

I can't believe that only 8 days later Sharla added me as an author on her blog for a brief hour. OK, I will confess - I was briefly tempted to announce myself as the winner of her See's Chocolate Giveaway. I didn't though, I have willpower.

The install was not complete without a lot of work on her part. She had a lot of adjusting to do after the fact (we switched templates and all her side widgets got re-arranged), she also had to re-label a lot of posts for her links bar. It was work on both sides. I had so much fun though. It was really exciting to see it all come together and finally get put up on her blog.


So there you have it. Head on over to My Little Gems to see the awesome design. While you are there, check out her awesome crafts, recipes and tutorials. There's a reason I was reading her blog in the first place. (Leave her some love too if you will, comments are appreciated.)

After about 70 emails back and forth, a lot of coding, tweaking and several versions, this great experience came to an end. I have to say working with Sharla was a fabulous experience. She really knew what she wanted so that made my work easier.

As for my future career in blog design. I'm not really sure where I'm headed yet. I'm definitely not going to take on anything for a while now considering all that has gone on in my house this week. But in the future I can see myself designing a blog every now and then. If you are interested in having your blog custom designed you can email me from my profile to see if I'm willing to do it. I will warn you though, I will be charging from here on out, but if you have an awesome product, I might be willing to consider a trade.
Is it really Friday?! Is it finally the weekend? This week has been CRAZY, and now looking back it's all sort of one big blur. You'd think that having the flu bug at our house was crazy enough, but no. Yesterday while my husband was fixing the broken thermostat so we could have heat again in our house, our son crashed into a kitchen cabinet. Hard. Needless to say, he has a nice wound on his jaw-line that required 7 stitches in emergency! Yes, it was the same son that we just hospitalized on Tuesday for the Flu. Twice in one week is definitely enough for me! So while everyone else was fooling around and playing pranks yesterday, we had a busy day.

Battle Wound

Guess what though? - I'm now finally getting around to the post I had planned for last week!

April 1, 2010

This week at my house the bug has been had by all. Except for the baby. Please not the baby! Our older son was hospitalized on Tuesday from it. Then Wednesday we were all on our backs. I still can't believe my husband made it out the door to go get medicine or anything. He is AMAZING.

Nursing my baby amid all of this was so hard. I feel so bad for the baby. But I'm so grateful I was still able to take care of him. It's days like yesterday that made me appreciate how truly angelic my baby is.

Also, I lost 8 pounds yesterday. (I'm on a diet now and working hard to lose baby weight.) Can I just say getting sick is not worth it. I'd rather do this the healthy way.

I'll be back soon with tons of fun and exciting things to share. Once my house is fully sanitized.