March 2, 2010

Toddler Tool Box

My toddler got a set of tools for Christmas that came with a very awkward back pack. You know the set? Anyhow, I wanted him to have a tool box to carry the tools in. Something like Handy Manny's but not one that would scratch the floors, or be easily smashed into my shins. No thanks. So I came up with a fabric box. Next time I make it I'll post a better tutorial, but for those of you that don't need too much direction I'll post the dimensions.

Fabric Pieces:
6 of 6"x10" for Sides and Bottom
4 of 9"x6" for Ends

Fusible Fleece (or Quilt Batting) Pieces:
3 of 6"x10"
2 of 9"x6"

Directions (1/2 inch seams, Serged or Zig-Zag Edge)

1. Fuse the fleece to all outer pieces.
2. Trim the top of all end pieces to an angle (I did a 60 degree angle)
3. Sew all outer pieces together - I did the bottom and sides first, then the ends. Turn it out and make sure all the seams look good on the outside.
4. Sew all inner pieces together.
5. Put inner and outer boxes together right side together. Sew around the top leaving a 2-3 inch space on one side to pull the bag through.
6. Pull the bag through and make sure get the edge seams flat, tuck in the raw edges of the hole, then top stitch around the entire top.
7. Cut a hole in the ends where you want to put the grommet, install grommets as directed on package. (Extra-Large ones from Jo-Anns.)

8. Cut a piece of 3/8" dowel 9.5 inches long. Sand it a little.
9. Cut a piece of 3/8" plastic tubing (PVC) 8 3/4" long. Push it over the dowel as shown below. *My Dad was brilliant and came up with this idea (it keeps the ends from going in to the center.)
10. Drill holes in the ends of the dowels for your screws.

11. I used wooden discs for the ends and drilled holes in them too, but seeing as one broke already I'm going out to buy washers to replace them. Put the dowel through the grommet and screw the washer onto the end as shown below.
*Note: I painted this using Krylon Plastic Paint. Big Mistake. It didn't dry properly so the handle is sticky. Permanently.

There you have it everyone! The finished product! My son loves it!

Let me know if you have any questions or something needs clarification.



Jami Schoettler said...

My son got that same toolset from his Aunt for Christmas. AFTER Santa got him another set. We ended up buying him a big plastic toolbox. I try not to swear everytime I trip over it. I love this. Jami

Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Genius idea! I love those large grommets, but have been scared to try them. I've got to just buy some and go for it. :)

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

This tool box is adorable! My kids would love it!
Allison @

Unknown said...

Aw so cute! Love this idea- I need to make one for my son. Thanks for the inspiration.