March 9, 2010

Red Is Best

I have a little kid piano from Craigslist. This weekend, while out painting something else, it seemed like as good of a time as any to get this project complete as well. It's only been on my list for a year. OK, I lied. It's been closer to two years.

The $30 Jaymar Piano courtesy of Craigslist.

I taped off the keys and had at it. Here it is with a new coat of paint courtesy of Krylon.

I plan to put some cute black vinyl saying or image on the front. I was going to do white, but realized that would make the keys look even more old and yellow than they already do. I love it so much now, as does my son. He's thrilled to have it back in the house. The other kid piano we have was put out of his reach. He kept climbing up on top of it. By the way, it cost me $5 on Craigslist! Patience pays off! The red one will go up there beside it later on, when the kids no longer play it.

Creations by Kara


Heather said...

That is the perfect shade of red, it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Love the red!! This piano is so cute you did a great job:)

Jocelyn said...

Wow! That really makes all the difference. What a good idea!

Patricia said...

popping over from karas to say hi and to let you know that i am so loving this makeover!
many blessings

Sunny Tuesday said...

That is so cute! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am about to purchase the same piano from my local craigslist. Can you please tell me which Krylon paint you used and what prep work you did? I don't paint things very often and am unsure what to do to prime the piano (which is very dinged up, very much like your original one). Thanks so much!

Maggie Muggins said...

Hi Anonymous. I couldn't reply by email, but I used a Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray paint (I used a semi-gloss). I'm not sure the exact color though, I don't have the paint to check it anymore. I sanded before hand, and then cleaned and dried it to remove excess dust. I taped off the keys and that was it. If there are a lot of stains, I would recommend a coat of Kilz primer before hand, but that would be it. Enjoy! My son freaked out on me for painting ours red - he still sometimes asks me to make it brown again. Not going to happen!