March 19, 2010

Kitchen Face-Lift

So we had a designer from Home Depot come out last night to look at our kitchen and help us figure out how much it would cost to re-face it. For our, not too big of a kitchen I almost died when she told us the price $11,000! That was for cabinet refacing and a new laminate counter top only.

So here's to the wonderful ability my husband and I have of being able to do things ourselves. I have found a place online where we can order materials to do the same thing as them. Looks like materials for the cabinet refacing will be about $1,000. As for the counter top? Well, we'd have plenty of room for splurging with the $10,000 savings! I swear I just heard my husband screaming. "Please, Heaven help me. Not another renovation. Aaahhhhh!"


andrewandpaigeirwin said...

We did our countertops in chilliwack for a little over 400. your kitchen's a little bigger, if you go to a countertop place (NOT a cabinet place...Hint: ask the cabinet place who they buy their countertops from) you should be able to get around $30/linear ft. for the textured stuff) When you have to cut a corner the linear foot extends on the long side, not the short side. you guys should be able to easy get some really nice countertops for $600-ish. I did a lot of shopping around and you save $5-10/linear foot by buying it from a countertop place. Too bad I'm not still their, I mean I did that for a living last year!!

EvaBabeDesigns said...

We added new hardware and painted our cabinets. Our realtor was amazed. We also updated the faucet, sink & countertop. Home Depot has fake granite countertops (made from composite laminated wood) for only $99. It was a cheap remodel, but we couldn't afford marble or granite at the time and our neighborhood is not that nice. We want to eventually flip our home so we're making it "nice enough". Good luck!

Jessica Brown said...

I'm excited to see what you guys do. I'm sure it will look great. Don't forget to take before and after photos to share. :)