March 29, 2010

Egg Theme Week #4

This is it for the Egg Theme. We'll be moving on to something new for April next week! Hurray!

My son is now finding G in a lot of things! Last week all he wanted was to see the gum ball machine (in the letter G on Starfall). He loved standing the egg on end although we did crack one in the process. He's still learning how to handle eggs. He wasn't that interested in the Scrambled Eggs Super Video, I'm not really sure why. Oh well. I'll have a separate post about St. Patrick's Day later.

Up this week:

1. Dyeing Eggs. We're going to use a special technique from Martha Stewart using vinyl letters and shapes. Check it out here and here, possibly using some of these silhouettes here and here.
2. Counting using candy eggs or jelly beans. We'll count to 10 and fill a container, or muffin tin. Then to 20 and so on. This way he can visualize the difference in the amounts.
3. Review books from earlier weeks.
4. Game: Don't eat the Peep. I'm going to change this slightly so it's the Chick Peeps and we have to not eat the eggs. Thanks Sharla for this fabulous idea.
5. Easter Egg Hunt! Woohoo!

Alright everyone - have a fabulous week with the kiddos!


Steph said...

Wow, I love those egg dyeing ideas! Sounds like a fun week :)