February 15, 2010

Valentines Treats

I can never come up with gifts to surprise my husband. The things he always asks for are simple: books and tech toys. But he always seems to know exactly what to get me. Ever since getting my new camera I have had one regret. It does not record video. So what does he manage to sneak into the house this year and surprise me with?! A small video camera in HOT PINK. It's absolutely perfect and has already taken several videos.

He also lined up a wonderful date to the temple (which is hard to plan because of our little nursing baby) and we had a delicious meal after that! Ahh. It's so wonderful to just have time to talk. Thanks to our friends for watching our toddler and to my wonderful parents for taking the baby while we enjoyed a short temple visit. I have missed it so.

As for me? Husband and boys got Love buckets filled with goodies and trinkets to entertain them. I also got my husband a rain coat. We've lived on the West Coast for over two years now and he still didn't have one! Shocking, I know! Now he can stay dry during his commute - unless the rain pounds down. (I know it's practical, but I felt like I was letting him know I really care with this gift.)

It's sweet to celebrate Love.