February 22, 2010


I have said it before and will say it again. I have an amazing husband. This week I'm singing his praises. After an amazing Valentines night last week he went and out-did himself this week. After he had a guys-night a few weeks ago he organized with my friends husbands a girls-night-out! He organized pretty much all of it - the time, the location, the child-care, all I had to do was organize where to meet my friends and figure out the vehicle to take.

So Thursday night we all met at one friends house where the husbands were all going to chill with the kids. My husband not only took the toddler AND the five month old baby but he watched my friends two children as well! (Her husband is away on training.) We all piled into her van (I officially want a van now) and drove to down-town Seattle where we enjoyed three blissful hours at The Melting Pot. It was a first-time experience for two of the girls. Oh, sweet cheesy apples and bread. Yummy Lobster, shrimp and other succulent meats. Ahh, sweet heavenly chocolate fondue. But the best part of the whole evening? The sweet time I got to spend with my friends - without the kids! (At this part I confess my complete surprise that the four that my husband was responsible for were all asleep upon our return, even if one was bundled on the couch, and another collapsed on the floor.)

As if that wasn't enough we went out on Friday night too. Our valentines reservations had been cancelled and so this week he rescheduled. Unfortunately our date included the kiddos due to a little babysitting mishap. Those things happen, and we were OK with them coming. We went to Benihana in Seattle. I'm so glad the toddler came too. I think he was the most fascinated with the entertainment as our chef twirled eggs, spatulas, caught shrimp and things in his really tall hat and pockets, and drummed the big grill in front of us. It was such a good meal and so fun to watch our son. The two gentlemen next to us at the table commented three times on how well-behaved our kids are. I have to confess, they were exceptionally well behaved that night.

We were also supposed to take a trip up the Space Needle but seeing as how we had the kids we decided to save that for another time.

That sounds fabulous, you might be thinking, but I have to add - Saturday as per usual he did the laundry, yet to be folded, but all done! He also cooks, washes dishes, and cleans (all of those things done this weekend). I have to say I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful husband. He's so awesome. I have to say though, unlike many other Praiseworthy things in this world - he is not to be sought after. Sorry ladies, but he's mine!