February 16, 2010

The Master Bedroom (Phase 1)

Some time ago as we painted our house like crazy people we included the Master Bedroom in the whirl-wind. There was drama. First the wrong color, then two walls just didn't look right. Then last year we finally go around to fixing those splotchy walls. It took priming them and starting all over again. We finally had everything finished. Then, suddenly I realized I had no clue how to decorate my bedroom. I had no color scheme, no idea what bedding would work, nothing. So I left it. I lived in the room for days, then months, without doing a thing.

This is how the room was when we first saw it. (This is the listing image!) Just painted different there was a great improvement, but it still wasn't enough.

Then one day as I was moving decor around elsewhere I found my inspiration. These are some blocks we did one Super Saturday with some Scrapbook paper I love. (Please ignore the dusty night-stand. There's a reason I have time to craft you know.) I finally had a color scheme to work with.

I then used the same paper and Mod-Podged three Malma mirrors from IKEA. They were the Black-brown ones so I didn't paint or stain them at all. This was super easy to do. Cut the paper, mod-podge the paper, stick it on, press it flat. Then let it dry. Mod-podge the top after and let it dry again! Simple. Fingerprints bothering you? Refer to my earlier comment on dust. At least I used Goo Gone and got rid of the few streaks of mod-podge on the mirrors. I was a little sloppy.

I think they turned out super fabulous. Then lastly, I finally found some beautiful frames and framed some pictures of the Seattle Temple that I took last year! I'm finally getting somewhere with my room. And you finally get to see my red striped wall! That was a lot of work, but I LOVE it!

Here's what that back wall looks like now! I have more in store for this room but this is your sneak peak. And looking at this picture the red pillow just has to go. (I know, you'll be so happy Hun. He has no clue why we need so many pillows.)

Creations by Kara


Brit said...

I don't think men will ever understand the purpose of pillows. Great job, I like the Temple pictures- I think I need to incorporate pics like this to my apt.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL! I love the new paint treatment, and guess what. I have the same bedside lamps -- but not on my bedside table ... they're in my office. Love them! Great job on your room!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Loving the stripes! I too am in the process of redoing my bedroom and yes, it took me FOREVA to decide on colors and decor :)

Liz said...

I love seeing all the fun stuff you make/do for your house! I'm fast becoming a fan of modpodge, myself, and I love those mirrors. :)

I'd love to read your other blog and hear how you guys are doing!

Connie said...

You really did a great job pulling your room together. Don't you just love working with scrapbook paper? It's not JUST for scrapbooking anymore. Great job.

The Harris Family said...

I love your wall-I've always wanted a red wall. I love the mirrors and the pictures are beautiful.


Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Simply stunning! I love every single project. I can't believe you took those photos of the temple. They are gorgeous!!

Jocelyn said...

WOW!!! You have inspired me with those picture frames especially. I love that the middle one is slightly bigger!