February 8, 2010

A Little Miracle

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking Newborn Photos for some friends of mine. Theirs is a long story - but one that ends with a miracle and a beautiful baby girl. I have to admit, Daddy was right, she does look like him in his baby photos. But when they are so little and new, you never know who they'll end up looking like.

I'm still learning how to photograph and how to use my camera. I always feel so nervous and humble when taking photos for someone else. Thank-you so much for letting me practice photography on your daughter!

I rented a 50mm lens that I've been wanting to try out. After the shoot and struggling to get the focus exactly as I wanted I'm not sure I still want the lens. Time and more practice will tell. I'd recommend renting to anyone planning to make a large investment like a DSLR Camera or a lens for it. You can rent cameras and lenses at different locations. I know in some places it's not as easy, luckily I have a rental place near enough.

Let me know what you all think, if you have any suggestions on how I can improve I'd love to hear them.


Suze said...

Great job Maggie! I'm still learning the ropes of photography too. I don't get enough practice though!

Kali Leenstra said...

Great job- the 50mm is a hard lens to use at first. Sometimes if you open the aperture really wide it can be especially hard to focus. But don't give up with it, it has become one of my favorite lenses and I use it probably the most of all my lenses.

Sharla said...

your photos are beautiful! I like you love to take photos -especially of babies- but I need more time, money and practice ;) you did a great job!