February 22, 2010

Life At Our House

Last week my husband took a day off. It was wonderful. I took the toddler to play group and left the baby at home to sleep. It's such a treat to have one-on-one time with him. After that we all ran out to do errands. We first stopped at Jo-Anns where they didn't have the color yarn needed so we headed to Michaels. I didn't go in at all. These visits were for my husband and his most recent crochet project. A quick stop at Costco was then followed by another stop at Home Depot. There it was my turn to run in. I got the supplies I needed for my current project and home we rushed. It isn't the first time either of us have been in those stores, but it was a little ironic to me because usually it's the other way around.

It's entertaining to me what we sometimes "gender define". People have looked at me weird in the Hardware stores and the girls at Jo-Anns are always asking my husband if he's sure he got me the right color. I love that he's man enough to tell them straight-up that it's for his project. Especially when the color is Pink Poodle!


Steph said...

haha I love that! Your blog is adorable :) Great ideas!!