January 19, 2010

Look What I {Had} Made!

I love Newsboy Beanies. I've wanted to buy my son one since I saw these on Etsy.com. I've wanted one for myself too - especially this one.

Then one day my Husband returned from a quick errand to Michaels where he'd purchased yet another item for me. This time he had a skein of yarn and crochet needles in hand. I gawked. Was he serious? Did he really think he could crochet? (I tried knitting - the project hasn't been finished for nearly two years, so I seriously doubted his patience and commitment.)

I watched as he began, saw his first finished project
only hours later and was amazed. It was a doily, not imperfect, but very impressive none the less. His second doily (made for his grandma for Christmas) blew me away! My hot computer geek has skills. That's when I realized I didn't need to order the beanies I wanted, he could just make them for me. So we ordered patterns, bought yarn, and he got going!

Newsboy Beanies for the boys:

Newsboy Cap for me:

I had found a button in my craft stuff for my hat. It was cute, but before I even put it on the hat, it disappeared thanks to the toddler. My sister-in-law made that awesome Posy Pin for me for Christmas and it was just perfect for my hat! Click on that link for a tutorial.

After completing his first doily my Husband showed it to everyone - insisting that I wasn't the only crafty person in the house. After installing laminate flooring, painting, putting in new baseboards, closet systems, designing our friends web site and doing much more for myself and others I can attest to the fact that I already knew that!


Layla said...

Dude I can't believe he made those! Now he needs to teach Brock. Those beanies are awesome!

Brit said...

That is seriously cute. Is he taking orders ;)

MD Reno said...

Finally, after all this time I am "content worthy!" And to answer your question, Brittany, I only take orders from Maggie ;) Of course, she told Jessica I would make one for Warner so I guess if you have connections you can make an order by proxy.

Suze said...

Dude, get your craft on! I love them! Your hubby's awesome!

Mine learned to knit years ago....I highly doubt I could get him to make something as cool as that though.

Brit said...

Of course I have connections... connections in so many ways.

1) Maggie loves me
2) Alex loves me
3) Sean will grow to love me
4) My husband is the president
5) I'm awesome

Ok, so the last isn't really a connection, but it must count for something!

Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Wow, that's awesome!! Love the green one with the flower. So cute!
Thanks for joining "Look What I Made!"