January 5, 2010

The Car Cozie

For Christmas I went all out and made many of the gifts. Between that and the two kids (baby is doing fine) I've had no time for the blog. You'll see my creations in future posts. For now, take a look at the adorable car cozie that my son got for Christmas!

Sharla over at My Little Gems provides an excellent tutorial on how to make an adorable Car Cozie. Thanks Sharla!

I followed the tutorial closely. I chose not to do an alternating fabric. I got a little confused following the pattern when it came to sewing the ribbon on. Uh Duh. It's meant to be sewn on one side only, hence the folding the ribbon in half. I think I skipped a little on those instructions but I really wasn't thinking it through either. I ended up sewing the ribbon on either side only to roll up the cozie and realize my mistake! At least it wasn't too much work to unpick.

See how the ribbon attaches to one side?

There are 6 pockets that fit big cars. You can even fit two flatter cars in one pocket.

Ah, "Green" Herbie, driving on the road.

I used a play mat fabric so that the opposite side of the cozie could be used for cars as well.

We tested this out the first Sunday after Christmas at church. Wonderful! He played with it the entire meeting. It's not going to be one we use every Sunday, I'd prefer the coloring, the chalk mat and other more reverent toys be used. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm linking up to Get Your Craft On with Today's Creative Blog and DIY Day with A Soft Place to land. I'm also joining a new blog party (Thanks Kara!) over at Creations by Kara: Look What I Made! A Special Thanks to all the hostesses of these parties - they inspire me to keep creating!

Creations by Kara


Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

This is awesome! My five year old loves cars and he would adore this. Thanks for being the first one to join my linky party! :)

-Meleah- said...

Ditto, this project is awesome! I'm going to copy it for my son. Thanks for the great idea!

The Harris Family said...

We have one of these and my girls really like it (we won it from my little gems). I really like the fabric you used-so much more room to drive!

sharla@mylittlegems said...

Thanks for linking and sharing! I love the road fabric and you did a great job:) - Sharla

Jennie said...

How cute! I just might hsve to make one. Super Job!

Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite