November 24, 2009

Tick Tock Herbie Clock

I bought this table top from IKEA's As Is Section for $1 some time ago. I can't begin to explain how much I love that section. I think the wood was from this table:

I had many ideas for it: A spinning toy, big artwork, something for my son to play with. The more I looked at it the more ideas I got. But nothing ever felt right. One day I saw these clock kits in the isle at Joanns. They have vinyl products for the face of the clock. At the time my son was fascinated with clocks. Really, he still is. I decided to make a clock with the table top. I searched online for a cute "transportation" style clock to go in his room. When I saw this one (shown below) I knew it was what I had to make. My son has loved Herbie from the day he watched "Herbie Fully Loaded" nearly a year ago. Every new or old model VW Bug in the house is Herbie, the same for every VW Bug on the road. He can spot Herbie from miles away.
I already had black and red vinyl and I bought blue vinyl (and probably used $1 worth of them). The clock kit took a while to find as the shaft needed to be long enough for the wood. I found it on for $15.44 including shipping. If I hadn't needed such a specific shaft size it would have cost a lot less (I would have pulled an old clock apart).

Total Cost: About $18.

I cut the vinyl (lines and circle by hand, numbers on my Silhouette) and placed it on the wood. Then I had my husband quickly drill the hole and installed the clock piece. I finished it last week and we hung it yesterday in his room. He could not be more thrilled! I have more in store for his room!

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very creative! our family has always been a lover of clocks! Ya'll did a great job.