September 15, 2009

No Creativity in Me Today

Seriously, I've been so exhausted the last few days. I've been napping lots and trying hard to induce labor. I know I'm jumping the gun two weeks from my due date, but I'd rather just have this over with. So when it comes to my crafts and projects for this week. I've done a few things, but I don't even have the desire to take pictures and post about them. Maybe tomorrow. I've got something really exciting that I plan to start working on this week.

I'm also kicking myself for not doing the dumpster dive I was extrememly tempted to do. I just couldn't think of a re-invention for a headboard. Then today I saw this: Re-purposed Spool Bed. The headboard I almost grabbed was very different from this one, but it would have made a gorgeous bench. Seriously regretting that choice. Of course, my husband is grateful that I'm not cluttering up the garage even more. Anyhow, head on over and check out that project. It really shows you how to re-purpose things.


Amanda said...

Maggie! Not sure if you remember me, but I used to live in the Abby area for a while. First Mission then Abbotsford with Susan and Nadine. I found your blog link on Susan's blog and I love your crafts and ideas! So cute! I have a blog too, if you want to check it out here is the link
the only thing is that its private so you'll have to send your email address my way. Take care!
Amanda (Wright) Nilsson