August 20, 2009

Love and Patience

So last night, the last stroke of Twelve marked the beginning of a special day for me. Today 4 years ago I was married to my amazing husband. It also marked the end of a 2 year battle, no not with said amazing husband, we don't have battles, it was with my Living Room.

Picture this if you will - a lovely Living Room with a vaulted ceiling that reaches about 15 ft high. There are plenty of windows and a fabulous skylight. I'm sure you're now wondering what my battle could possibly be. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? It is! During the day, when it's all bright and sunshiny. I love pulling up the blinds, and on the not-so-hot days, opening the windows for a nice cool breeze. I love this room. But when we purchased this home 2 years ago, we didn't realize the major downfall with the room was it's lighting. This lovely wonderful sunlit room turns into the darkest abyss in the evening. Why? Because some stupid designer thought that one spotlight way up high on that vaulted ceiling would be sufficient, plus two outlets with their own switch. I mean, what more could a person want? Um... a spotlight, really? And where am I going to find toddler-proof lamps? Is it just me that thinks lamps should be accessories, not the only source of decent light in a room?

Hence, last night, just after midnight I was gloriously bathed in more light than the spotlight ever gave from just one single 60W bulb plugged into the newly hung chandelier! The one that requires 8 bulbs. The one that we hunted for a long time to find. The chandelier is a thing of beauty. It was exactly what we were looking for, and within our budget. We had hunted online and in stores for nearly a year and I had seriously given up hope. The size and style I wanted was anywhere from $250-500! Then, to install it, it would have cost us even more! We just didn't want to pay that much.

This chandelier was $100! It was the last one, the floor model, filthy as could be hanging there in the store. We almost walked past it, in fact, I think we may have a few times before we noticed it. Even when we saw it, we still weren't sure. Was it really what we wanted? After 10 minutes thought, we knew it was. We bought it a few months ago and just in time to be one of the best Anniversary Gifts ever my husband worked like a dog to hang it last night. He did a fantastic job thanks to the help of his and my Father! We saved so much money just by waiting for what we wanted (and of course - because I have a patient husband who's willing to try just about anything himself).

Thank-you Matt for your amazing hard work and patience with this chandelier. I know it wasn't easy. Trust me, I watched you wobble up there on the scaffolding, pulling, lifting, sweating in the heat, and knew that the main reason you were even up there was because you loved me. I love you too. Honestly 4 years ago I did not think life could get much better, but it has! So much better! Thank-you!


Jocelyn said...

So beautiful! Especially the warm light it gives that room. I love it :)