August 24, 2009

Full Blown Nesting!

I think my husband would say I'm nesting with a vengeance. Either that or I've just gone completely insane. After all of my freezing and canning we continued with the home renovations. I've shown you the new Chandelier which still stuns me every time I look at it. But we've been busier than that. My wonderful Dad was here to help last week. He installed closet organizers in the two kids bedrooms. They look so fantastic! The nursery closet is packed full. I can't even open the door to one side of the closet.
My son's bedroom on the other hand has a very empty closet. It actually took me a while to figure out what to store in there. Anyhow, we're going to get some big tubs and hide some of his toys in there. That way we can rotate the toys again and have less to clean up! Hurray!
My husband also finished that guest bathroom, painted two walls in our bedroom (they were messed up from the original paint job), and is going to re-paint the master bathroom. I think we're both sick of the color in there, and it just doesn't fit the rest of our house.
I wish I could say that's all, but no, we've got more in the works before this baby arrives. Seriously, it was a long list, but we're getting through it quickly. Today I'm working on sewing projects. I have a lot of things cut out and ready to sew!