July 17, 2009

I've Been Busy

I've been a little busy with a sick toddler. I can not tell you how much more laundry there is lately, how messy the house has become, and how crazy life can get when one person in the house is sick. But I know many of you completely understand. Try having a sick one for 4 weeks, with very little rational explanation as to why he's sick. Today he's getting allergy testing again. We're hoping it will give us some answers.
I have had time for a few projects but no time to show them to you. Hopefully soon.
I do have to take a quick moment however and brag about my wonderful husband. Not only is he the one doing 80% of the cleaning and laundry around here. He also just finished a website for a friend of ours. I think it turned out fabulous. All their (my husband and his friend) hard work together was worth it to see our friend so happy with the site, and especially to see him getting more business. I had the lucky opportunity to help out here and there. Mostly giving design advice when asked for, and taking the photographs for the site.
So to my wonderful husband who does so much work - I love you! And for the rest of you - if you want to see the site, or if you're in need of carpet cleaning and live in the greater Seattle area check this company out: Ryan's Restoration. He really will do a fantastic job. Trust me, I've seen his work.