July 9, 2009

Confession #3: I Love Free Stuff!

This week I started an online Photoshop Frame-Ups and Special Effects class from Jessica Sprague. Why? I've been interested in her classes for some time, but I'm always skeptical about spending money for something I can't really evaluate beforehand. I like to read the reviews on products before buying them, or check it out in a store first. So up until a couple of weeks ago an online Photoshop class was definitely not on my to-do list.

So what does my love of free things have to do with Jessica Sprague's class? When I saw she was offering a free class I jumped all over it! Here was my chance to truly evaluate her classes, and experience first hand, for free, something I was skeptical about. I completed my second assignment this morning. I'll confess, I wasn't overly blown away by the class (as in, I already knew 70% of the material) but what I did learn were short-cuts, easier methods, and I've got a better understanding of the why behind the how. I'm already glad I'm taking the class.

Could it get any better than that? Honing my photoshop skills for free? Yes? Oh, did I mention free Photoshop Frames, Brushes, Word Art, Masks and Texture Overlays? Yup, throw in a few of each of those for free! Ha. I love free!

Here's Project #1 working with PNG Frames and Word Art:

By the way - while working in Photoshop (CS3) I got stuck. I'd changed all the settings as suggested for the class and then all of a sudden I couldn't do a thing. Photoshop would let me select any tool, but I couldn't use it on the photo. All that showed up was the hand tool. Closing and re-opening the program didn't work. Finally, a quick internet search gave me the answer: I found the topic discussed here, and someone replied with this answer: Go to Edit>Preferences>Reset all Warning Dialogs. Thank-you Internet and dev47 for a quick resolution. I was able to move on.

Here's to Free Stuff! Don't forget to enter my Giveaway.