June 1, 2009

Strawberry Jam

Do you love Strawberry Jam? It's the favorite flavor at my house. But we're picky. Both my husband and I prefer smooth jam. No lumps of fruit that you just can't spread. No seeds to get stuck in your teeth. Now that's jam! So where do you get jam like that? At home! Just a few weeks ago I made my first jam ever. We love it so much we've already gone through 2 jars. I guess that means I'm going to have to make more!

I followed this recipe for the jam. Of course I pureed the jam in our blender and strained the seeds. It was a little extra work but well worth it. After cooking the jam to 222 degrees (just a little over what the recipe calls for) I canned it. It's a true work of art. After making more strawberry jam my next attempt will be blackberries. Yum!