May 26, 2009

Where I disappeared to...

I disappeared for a while. Other than close friends and my husband and child I'm not sure many other people really noticed. But for a couple of weeks I spent days designing with the bride and her sister-in-law and redesigning. Luckily the sister-in-law did most of the sewing and I only holed up to do alterations and to finish the skirt. Finally I handed off the dress. With a prayer that the bride does not change in size before her wedding, and that with the few final touches and especially a good press and steam job that it will look picture perfect on that day. Here's the blushing bride in all her glory, the day the dress left my sight.
Congratulations Dear Bride and please do have a wonderful wedding. We will be cheering you on from this continent and praying that your day is as special as can be! Thanks for giving me the chance to remember a few long unused skills.


Brit said...

Maggie!!! This dress is amazing, it is so beautiful. I am utterly impressed... I am not worthy.