May 8, 2009

The Hazards of my Home

I swear it's just when you think you've baby-proofed completely that you realize it's never enough.

My 2 year old can already pull off outlet covers.
He has hit the door knob locks hard enough to break it off the knob.
He has pulled hard enough on the bi-fold doors that the locks pop off.
He can climb up things now, so putting stuff up high isn't enough.
He is sneaky enough to remember hours later if you left a door, a window, or a latch open or unlocked. And wait patiently until you are not paying attention to actually do something about it.

Cute and innocent? Sometimes, but there are those days I feel like he's always got the one up on me.

Oh well - I guess I can't complain. This is all coming from the girl caught escaping from the hospital when she had been left in a tented crib. The same girl who hauled a chair to the laundry room climbed up on the washer and into the closet to get a small key, then dragged that same chair into the kitchen, climbed above the stove and unlocked the medicine cabinet. Luckily she didn't take any because her favorite blue medicine was out. Did you know a leg could be broken just from going down a slide? She proved it! Her poor mother! So yeah, I should consider it all payback.

I guess this post is a warning - someday, somehow, your child will make your own mother very proud.

I sometimes wonder why I ever encouraged my son to grow or learn to walk. And yet, I love and adore him all the same. Motherhood is a glorious thing.