April 17, 2009

Inadequacy and Real Friendship

Do you ever feel inadequate around someone? I just want you to know it's OK. But that they most likely don't have it as together as you think they do. Trust me. Some people are just really good at hiding it.

Remember Pottery Barn does not show lived in houses. So it's like the fashion super model for homes. Impossible to attain for 99% of the population.

I read this post today on Light Refreshments Served that made me think a lot about how grateful I am to have wonderful friends who don't judge me. They know that I'm not perfect and they don't care. It doesn't matter who's the best housekeeper, the most loving or patient mother, whose husband makes the most money, or who has the prettiest clothes. They just love and accept me for who I am - all my craziness included. I love those friends so much and I hope they know it!