March 26, 2009

I like too many crafts. You name it, I have probably done it, or want to. While to many this may not seem like a big problem it really is. I have so many projects waiting for me to get around to them. If only it were just the sewing projects, but alas, it's the decor, the scrapbooks, the furniture, the artwork, and oh so much more. My craft closet has exploded and has taken over the entire guest room, part of the kitchen, and hides in my personal closet, the garage, and yet other locations throughout the house. Shhh - don't let my husband know how bad it really is or I'll never hear the end of it.

Anyhow - I saw this closet system and it had me drooling. That's about the size of my craft closet. But then I realized I have too many large items, tons of fabric, paper, supplies, a sewing machine and a serger and a whole lot more. Organizing it all into that little space would be next to impossible. I'm not kidding. No wonder it's all over the house. That and with all my stuff put away, even with the beautiful closet system - it would NEVER look this good.

Someday maybe I'll have my own craft room. Imagine that - just walk in, sit at the table and start back up on the current project? No clearing off the table just in time to eat, no hauling everything back out of the closet just in time to have to put it all back. Apparently other people have that luxury. I curse them, and secretly envy them.
Motherhood is full of wonder and surprise. Some days I am overwhelmed by the brilliance of my toddler, while yet others I am overwhelmed by his needs. I must confess a sick, clingy, grumpy child is not easy to deal with. But my true struggle has been coming up with ways to teach him the gospel on a daily basis. We read scriptures and hold FHE but to me that has never seemed enough. When a friend of mine posted about the blog Teaching My Kids I was so grateful for some new, fresh ideas. I enjoy her posts about fun books, music, FHE, and all the other ideas thrown in. But I really liked her post about Morning Devotionals. As I read it I thought "brilliant, now why hadn't I thought of that already?" Oh well, as her blog states "parenting is a learn as you go kind of thing".
I appreciate that she's sharing what she's learned with the rest of us so we can all benefit. Do any of you have fun ways you teach your kids the gospel? I'd love more ideas!
So a friend of ours has entered the CW11 and Art Institute of Seattle's Animation Competition. They are looking for Puget Sounds next Animation Hero. This guy has some serious skills and we think he deserves to win the competition. He's one of the Top 20 Finalists - and from what I can tell the only one that submitted a video and not just sketches. To watch his video and to vote for him go here. His submission is "Mista Barista". Voting is daily and ends on March 29th.

March 7, 2009

So one of my dear friends and her husband dropped off a movie and some treats for my Husband on his birthday. Thanks guys! Unfortunately for me - the treat means a new craving.

I'd NEVER had Samoas before. I know, some of you are in complete shock! Don't forget - I'm Canadian and these are one of the American Girl Scout cookies. Let's just say I'm in trouble. Pregnancy and something only available once or twice a year do not mix well. So for all of you Samoa cravers - here's a recipe. I haven't tried it yet myself. But I had to search and make sure it was out there.

I'll let you know how these turn out once I try it.

P.S. For those Gluten Free friends of mine - here's someone's tips on making the Gluten Free version of this recipe: Gluten Free Samoa Recipe.