February 24, 2009

Quilt Top Complete

I confess, this is the second quilt I ever started. Not the first I ever finished though. My first quilt ever started is not complete yet either. The top was finished and I decided I didn't like it. I am planning to re-finish it soon so it will work for my son's toddler bed. So this will be my second quilt started, and if I actually quilt it this week as planned it will be my second quilt finished!
I learned a few important things about quilting while making this:
1. Once you've completed a block trim it down to size before attaching all the blocks together. You can see why that's important when you realize half of my blocks are not lined up properly.
2. The question of pre-washing fabric is a large debate among quilters. In this case seeing as all the fabric was the same company, the same line, and it just meant i had to iron and do a lot more work to get it all done I wish I hadn't pre-shrunk. Oh well.
3. Quilting Patterns can lack a lot of information. I think the one I got assumed that the quilter would understand a lot more than I do. So if you can learn from the Internet, a friend, or a class you might find the patterns make a lot more sense.
4. I just put the batting and the back all together. I used a spray adhesive to make them more stable while I quilt. I may pin it as well, but I'm hoping the adhesive will be enough.

Best of luck on your firsts (or seconds).