February 6, 2009

Baby Wearing

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I have tried several methods of baby wearing:
  1. The Ultimate Baby Wrap: So much hastle to get wrapped properly and then within minutes it is stretched too much to hold the baby well. I also got warm all wrapped up with this on in the summer.
  2. BabyBjorn: My husband loves this, and I do too, now. My problem with this carrier was it was so big and bulky for everyday use, and not perfect for a newborn. That and when our son was around 4 months and facing out, he sucked on it the whole time he was in it. That was the first and last time his vomit was dark green.
  3. Snugli: You would think it would be just like the Bjorn but it was not as comfortable, or as easy to adjust.
  4. Baby Sling: Our friend had one made for us. It ended up being my favorite carrier. Not only is it easy to use, it's comfortable, and cute. I love that there are 3 positions for using it. I also appreciated how small it bundles up. The fact that I could use it without asking for help was a huge bonus.
Hence, when I had a baby shower to attend last night, and no desire to go shopping, I quickly searched for a pattern. Lo and behold, there are a few free patterns to follow, and it was super easy to make.

I used stretch sateen cotton which is supposed to be very comfortable for the baby. I also made it reversible, not just for the two fabric options, but because I think it gave it a more finished and professional look.

So for those of you who sew here's the pattern I followed: Handmade Adeliade's Free Baby Sling Pattern. Be sure to read the instructions on how to sew it all together. I messed up the end stitch

I also gleaned information from Karma Baby's Free Baby Sling Pattern. Her pictures and instructions worked a little bit better for me, but I relied on the other for the reversible instructions.

I'll soon create my own tutorial for all to download. Until then, enjoy the above sites.


nea and rusty said...

it was super cute! you did well. i also have the snugli and used it on occasion (mostly when i mowed the lawn b/c it was a hassle to get connected), but i think this one is similar to the sling that i was mentioning that i have: http://www.target.com/Munchkin-Jelly-Bean-Cargo-Sling/dp/B0012V5QQ4/sr=1-4/qid=1234068110/ref=sr_1_4/177-5347702-1781466?ie=UTF8&index=target&field-browse=1038590&rh=k%3Asling&page=1
i wasn't a fan of it, although i got good use out of it.
so thanks for the idea on a cute, simple, and compact way to carry. i may attempt to make one (or at least solicit my mother's help!).

Brandon & Natalie said...

That looked so good - you should sell it!!! It was so adorable!