December 9, 2008


While I continue to be truly proud to state this fact - I am ashamed by the current political state of my country. Seriously, I'd say I'm in shock over it all, but almost 7 years ago I knew my country was headed this direction.
Last Friday the Prime Minister froze Parliament. That means there will be no political action taken for Canada for a few weeks. What seems even more crazy is the reasons as to why he did it. As a savvy economist he was making cuts in the right location - pulling some (not all) of the funding that goes to political campaigns. An excellent choice from my standpoint. Why someone's tax dollars should be funding a party they don't support (or respresent their opinions) is beyond me. Anyhow, about 6 weeks after Stephen Harper's re-election as Prime Minister with a minority government the craziest political move I have ever seen has taken place. (Note: I saw 7 Presidents in 2 weeks during my mission in Argentina and this seems crazier to me.)
Stephen Harper is Conservative. The two other main parties Liberals and Democrats formed a coalition with the Bloq Quebecois (a separatist party). In the coalition they proposed to make one of their leaders the new Prime Minister without re-elections. (All apparently perfectly legal.)
In the past it is common for a vote of non-confidence from the majority of Parliament to force re-elections, but never has anyone tried to take over the Prime Minister's position by the current means.
The 3 parties in the coalition can say what they want - accusing the Prime Minister of running and hiding to avoid getting ousted was not his intention with the Parliamental Freeze. I think his true purpose was to allow Canadians the time to become aware of the situation and react to it. I personally am shocked that the Liberals and Democrats would align themselves with the Bloq Quebecois for power. Can they really say you're representing the people that voted for you when you're joined with a party whose goal is to separate form a unique nation out of Quebec? I guess it spells it out for us though. Power and Greed rule the nation.
To Stephen Harper I say excellent choice in freezing Parliament. My only hope is that by the time it starts back up again the true voice of the people is spoken for - not the voice of Power and Greed.


Colleen said...

I think you know how I feel from my outrage on baking day. I'm glad you agree. It is insanity!