November 13, 2008

The Twighlight Movie

With so many people going giddy with anticipation, I must say I'm very skeptical about the movie. I loved the Twilight series. The author is talented and creative and I enjoyed reading it. If you ask my opinion on the books, I'll admit to having specific things about each novel that I did not appreciate, but I'll tell you that overall I really enjoyed them.

When it comes to the movie however, I'm not sure I want to watch it. Let's just say, the trailer made me feel like the movie would be a complete let-down. Let me explain that. I have a very specific visual of the characters, the locations, and the events in the book. (That's what reading is all about.) But watching the trailer, I already felt that it was not a good portrayal of the book. (At least, it's not the way I would portray it.)

So - when I recently saw this spoof on the trailer I found it hilarious. Some, I am sure find it a mockery of a totally awesome movie. But that's the point. I feel that the movie will end up being a mockery of a totally awesome book.


Suze said...


Omigosh that was awesome!

I feel the same way as you abou the movie, however....I can't wait to see it regardless!

I actually would rather see the full length of THIS trailer! LOL